Radically Simple Stopwatch

Really Simple Stopwatch is sophisticated design with a minimal aesthetic. It does one thing well: count time between button presses.

The large, high-contrast display is perfect for situations where you want a highly visible, uncluttered view of elapsed time:

  • Competitions
  • Workouts
  • YouTube or other videos
  • Cooking 
  • Debates
  • You name it!

Radically Simple Stopwatch is professionally coded and will handle things fine if you

  • Receive a phone call
  • Switch to a different application
  • Turn your device off
  • Lose power because your battery runs down

There are only two settings:

  • Whether to show tenths of seconds or whole seconds. The default is whole seconds.
  • Whether to allow your iPhone or iPad to go to sleep. The default is not to sleep (note: this may reduce battery life).

Get Radically Simple Stopwatch from the App Store.

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