Privacy Policy for Apps by David Burns

I don’t collect any personal information through my apps.

My apps do use some third-party services that may collect data. You can see their privacy policies at the following links:

Firebase Analytics

My apps display ads. Other people and companies create those ads, and if you click on one, you will navigate to content that is not under my control.

Each of my apps has a link to a support page for the app. If you click that link, I could get identifying information such as your IP address. If you enter information on the support page, for example to ask for help or make a suggestion, I will get whatever information you choose to provide. I won’t share that information with anyone unless required by law, but information you enter in a comment on this blog will be publicly viewable.

I may revise this policy. If so, I will do it by posting the changed policy to this page. Any changes will take effect immediately.

The privacy policy for this website is here.