Five Minute Plank

The Five Minute Plank is a workout developed by Neila Rey of Go to that website for pictures of the plank positions.

The steps are:

  • Full plank, 60 seconds
  • Elbow plank, 30 seconds
  • Raise one leg in elbow plank, 30 seconds
  • Raise the other leg in elbow plank, 30 seconds
  • Side plank, 30 seconds
  • Side plank on other side, 30 seconds
  • Full plank, 30 seconds
  • Elbow plank, 60 seconds

This is an advanced plank exercise that will strengthen and tone your core. If you can’t complete it at first, do as much as you can then hit Pause to rest. If you can, limit rests to 30-60 seconds. Eliminate the rests and do the full workout without resting as soon as you are able.

Doing this exercise has helped to keep the symptoms from my injured back under control.